Cal and Jo Ann Setzer

Cal and Jo Ann Setzer


Cal and Jo Ann Setzer purchased the 225 acres in Roseville, CA, that would be named Wintun Ranch in 1971. At that same time they hired Don Shrieve. We purchased  our first Polled Herefords in 1977 from Bud and Doris Moore. Over the next period of years, we purchased Hereford cattle from reputation breeders in the West and all over the United States. 

In the 1980s and 1990s, Wintun Ranch developed an extensive A.I. and E.T. breeding program. We showed our cattle successfully and managed production and consignment sales at the Roseville ranch. We developed a 500-acre ranch north of Lincoln, CA, that has since sold.

Our success was due to the fine and expert people who worked for us and with us. Too many to name, I'm sure they know to whom we owe much gratitude. 

Most recently we developed a successful grassfed beef business, using good Hereford genetics. We gained valuable lessons that we can carry forward to our next chapter. 

Now we have come full circle and returned to what we love most — producing Hereford seedstock for the commercial and purebred industries. We look forward to rekindling old friendships and meeting and learning from breeders we have not met. 

In 2016, both Cal Setzer and Jo Ann, his wife of 72 years, passed into the next life. With the support of the Setzer family, Wintun Ranch will continue in a manner that respects them and their memory.

Don and Josie Shrieve

Don and Josie Shrieve


Wintun Ranch will calve 45 Herefords in Spring 2018 and breed up to our capacity of 60 in 2019. We hope to market a select group of bulls for commercial cattlemen and have a number of show quality heifers, herd sire prospects and other classes of Hereford seedstock available for appraisal and purchase.

Please check out the rest of our website. We always welcome input and visits from fellow Hereford breeders and anyone who has interest in our program.