We have been raising Herefords since 1977. In the 1980s and 90s, we were fortunate to show cattle locally and nationally with success. We also hosted and managed production and consignment sales at the Roseville ranch and developed and managed a larger ranch in Lincoln CA, where we ran an extensive AI and embryo program. That ranch has since sold.

Scaled down, we had a successful grass fed beef business, always using Hereford seed stock.
Now, we have come full circle and have returned to our roots, raising Hereford cattle  for the purebred and commercial industries.

I would like to acknowledge the Setzer family, Cal and Jo Ann (deceased), and now the next generation, for the opportunity and support. And, to thank the many fine people that we have worked with that we will always be grateful to.

If you’re in our area please visit. We would love to see old friends and meet new ones and intend to make many ranch visits ourselves.

Don Shrieve , Manager